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Life is truly known only to those who suffer, loose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat. – Anais Nin

To Be Read As :
Life is truly known only to those who suffer, loose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat and still have something left in them to stumble on.


The best thing that happened to Mi,
My worst nightmare come true,
My life’s challenge, my destiny,
My love, my life,

We have all fallen,
Fallen from grace,
On our face,
Destroyed beyond a trace,

To rise from the ashes,
From the dust of the times,
To Never Give Up,
To Never Say Die,
Like the Phoenix,
The Phoenix of our times,

Aim for the stars,
Take your place, demand it,
Dream, Build a castle,
Jump off a cliff,
Be sure, you’ll fly,
I would like to see you fly, Fly away,
To see you soar high, High in the sky,

Never Give Up,
Never Say Die,
Just stretch your wings,
Give it a Try.

~ K. K.
Dedicated to my friends, myself and RJ.


There are millions of words I’d like to say,
And millions of worlds I’d like to show you,

Millions of things I’d like to know,
And millions of smiles I’d like to see you smile,

Millions of things I’d like to do,
And millions of miles I’d like to walk with you,

Believe Mi millions of moments I’ve waited for this,
And millions of wishes I’ve made for you,

But millions of doubts arise in my mind,
And millions of fears take over Mi,

Millions of times I tried to stop myself,
And millions of times I’ve tried not to risk loosing you,


I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life,
I know you will be a sun,
In somebody’s sky,
But why,
Why can’t it be,
Why can’t it be mine.

~ K. K.

Thank You Pearl Jam, for helping mi end it well and of course, RJ said yes.


The first lecture at nine,
Trying to reach the class on time,
Taking bath in cold water,
Thinking about The Wall and R. Water,
No food no coffee,
No smokes and no toffee,
Dam’it forgot mi copy,
Why am I so sloppy,
We are here to learn, I guess,
To learn to earn, I guess,
Management and marketing,
Economics and accounting,
And I don’t find friends of mine over here,
Just a lot of faces over here,
Faces from many races,
Frowning, looking at many places,
Some active, some dreaming,
Some listening, some sleeping,
My laces are untied,
I tried I tried I tried,
Though I never gave up,
But then, I never really faced up.

~ K. K.

P.S. Yup, written in a lecture 😀

The thirst of human nature

Here there everywhere
Clouds of dissapointment
Winds of dispair
The gloom of lonliness
Waiting for the rains
The rains
Which bring back to life
The once dead and dry grass
The rains of success
To quench the thirst
The thirst of human nature.

~ K. K.

This poem I wrote some time back, actually a long time back. Just thought that it should be put up over here.