A Very Happy New Year 2011

This year’s resolution / wish is, “I am what I am and I am happy.”

To find out how I arrived at such a seemingly strange wish I will have to reveal a little back story. As 2009 grew to a close business was improving, parents were happy, love was in the air and friends were doing well. Things were going really well and the future was looking up. At that point it appeared quite possible that 2010 would be the year when everything finally falls into place and turns out to be a really good year, the almost perfect year.

The party was at my house and among friends the topic of discussion was, resolutions and wishes. Various things came up one friend said, “I want to do this.” another went, “I want to cook that.” and so on, the mood was upbeat and we were having fun. Soon, it was my turn and my New Year’s resolution / wish for 2010 was simple or so I thought, “I want to be happy this year.”

As the story always goes (although it really doesn’t have to be the case) all hell broke loose. Today 2010 comes to an end and the new one will begin in a few short hours. The party is again at my house. The gathering is smaller. I have grown a year older and might I dare say, a little wiser.

This year’s resolution / wish is, “I am what I am and I am happy.”

Have some last minute preparations to take care of, so I will keep this post as short as possible and leave you with two small pointers and a promise:

The pointers:

  • The wise have told us and there is not a shred of doubt that remains in my mind anymore, “Be very careful what you wish for, for it might come true.” Heed the warning and it will save you countless hours of misery.
  • Happiness is not something that you should ever want because it is not a thing that can be bought / bartered. Happiness is a choice that one has to make each and every day.

The Promise

  • I will share my experiences with you in the hope that it might help you, as I have been helped by many others who have shared their experiences with mi.

Don’t think. Don’t analyze. Don’t want.

Just be. Be happy. A very Happy New Year 2011.

P.S. Oops… Forgot one Don’t… Don’t Drink and Drive 😉