Thy will shall be done…

Was it to make sense ?
Or is there no sense at all ?
Is there a destiny ?
Or is it a free for all?

Where do we go from here ?
Or is here all that is there ?
Is it the milestone ?
Or just another mirage ?

When do we get there ?
Or is there a then ?
Is there an instance ?
Or are we in The Bend ?

Will we know it all some day ?
Or would it all go away ?
Is there so much light ?
Or is it the brightest of the night ?

Why are we here ?
Or are we ?
Is there a mass ?
Or is it just a thought ?

What does it have to give ?
Or will it only take away ?
Is it to the shores of anonymity ?
Or is it the stabs of the stare ?

Oh ! UnBound !
I ask Of Thee !
Thy Will Shall Be Done ???
Thy Will Shall Be Done !!!

P.S. Between Us.

Deeper Digging


A few days back I felt like talking about my perception of the world around mi. Since I didn’t have anybody around I decided to talk to Bob (Bob is a very good friend of mine and a very good listener, also probably Bob is the only person who likes to talk about such stuff). I asked him how was life laying it out for him to play it out he replies same old. This is like a code between us since we saw the movie “Starsky And Hutch”. He asks mi how am I doing and I say not bad. Then before I forget whut I wanted to talk about I tell him that today I wanted to talk about my perception of the world around mi. Very brusquely he tells mi to stop bugging him and lookup the word perception in the dictionary first. I thought it was very rude of him to behave with mi in this fashion but Bob is a very intelligent person and I value his advise very highly so I did whut he told mi to. I looked up (the word) “perception” in the dictionary.

perception – n. 1 the act of perceiving: His perception of the change came in a flash. SYN: insight, apprehension, discernment, comprehension. 2 the power of perceiving: a keen perception. Defect in manners is usually the defect of fine perceptions (Emerson). 3 understanding that is the result of perceiving; percept: He had a clear perception of what was wrong and soon fixed it. 4 Psychology. The study of the complex process by which complex patterns of environmental energies become known as objects, events, people, and other aspects of the world.
Ref. The World Book Dictionary 1994

The dictionary guided mi from (the word) “perception”, to (the word) “perceive” to (the word) “see” through many versions of (the word) see like “see after”, “see into”, … during which I started to think about “C” the programming language, then “C++” and “C#” and then I remembered Mr. Balaguruswamy who has written some great books on learning “C” and “C++” among others and the fact that “C#” is a part of “.NET” which is made by “Microsoft” and taught to mi by Mr. A. Khadiye and that “Microsoft” has made “IE” which doesn’t render my blog “” properly as compared to “FireFox” because of something called CSS and so on till I was guided by the dictionary to (the word) “observe” the word made mi observe what I was doing i.e. my chain of thoughts.

And I started thinking. Now let mi tell you “thinking” (suddenly I feel like looking up all words in the dictionary) is the one thing I really love doing, as you might have realized by now. People often say that I think too much. I think that everybody thinks, whut differs is whut we think about. Also often people are not consciously aware that they are thinking.

Well, I started thinking about the content of my chain of thoughts. Computer languages, teachers of computer languages, Microsoft, my blog, FireFox and finally more computer stuff. Well this is whut my world is made up of…

P.S. This article started out a year back… and I am nowhere near the end of it…