Unfortunate lines

Everyone wants a piece of you,
She says,
I just need a little peace,
Mi says,

The wind in your hair,
The dust in your mouth,
Those sweaty soiled clothes,
Clean your brains,

She said,
Said the road to mi!


In conversation with Eir.
Gratitude to Shanks for the title.

After the supernova…

Black is just a color as pale as her.
Black is just the color of my star.
Black becomes what it is.
Black becomes a song of love.


K. K.


So… why do I sear?

Silent Echos

Purposefully habituating, there each day.
Dancing with shadows, at the fountain of the Light.
But its all too grey, his revelate.

Light & Dark.
Forevermore in patience.
Redeem yourself!

Diligently woandering, his thoughts each day.
Divining with fractals, at the stream of the Life.
But its all too great, his revelate.

Living & Dying.
Circle in infinity.
Redeem yourself!

Naturally coalescing, out of noise each day.
Comprehending with words, at the will of the Conscious.
Their humble fate, his revelate.

Meaning & Unmeaning.
Sirens in song.
Redeem yourself!

Perpetually pleading, with them each day.
Abiding with silence, at the instance of the Moment
Too hard to break, his revelate.

Order & Chaos.
Growl in whispers.
Redeem yourself!


K. K.



The Frames ~ Official ~ Wiki

Silver Linings

Him, walking on a wire,
7 billion, a pandemonium of clowns,
Her, singing the pirate song,
Faithfully leaping.

Inebriating thoughts, oh so drunk,
Seasons floating, dark and damp,
Sharing realities, foggy perhaps groggy,
Bridges smoldering, a smoke filled backdrop.

Inverting perspectives, uprooted narratives,
Puppets chasing, seductive Luna elusive,
Compromising pizzas, killers in drag,
Panoramas warring, A strange little cat.

Blooming barren trees, selfish love,
Wonderful strangers woandering, an empire of dirt,
Shattering the night, a brilliant sunrise,
Silver linings, over the mountain tops.

Death, off the tightrope,
7, a murder of crows,
Life, whispering sweet nothings,
Slowly falling.


K. K.


Just when you have completely given up, she kicks you in the mivonks. As you gasp for air sprawled out in the dirt, she hovers over you smiling gleefully adding insult to injury. Anger floods your being, as you vow revenge and get off the ground. She runs away giggling, mission accomplished. What can I say, life is a mean and persistent one, maybe, that is why I love and respect her so…


In case you are still wondering, “Hey, WTF, what happened to the obituary?” All I can say is “Life.” 😉


I hope that you’re ok
I just wanted to say
we couldn’t all be cowboys
some of us are clowns

I hope that everybody can find a little flame
mi, I say my prayers
then I just light myself on fire
and I walk out on the wire once again

good, goodnight elisabeth
goodnight elizabeth
goodnight elizabeth


sung a million times
on a million sleepless nights
till he suddenly realized one day
they had finally walked away


Credits: Thank you, Counting Crows, for the bulk of the words.

Am never going back again…

I thank them for the love received,
I thank them for hurting mi,
For what could not kill made mi a stronger person,

I forgive them for they know not what they have done,
I forgive myself for I did not know why I harmed,
For not letting mi forget so I could learn,

I send my love to all,
I send my love most unconditionally,
For it is not mine to give only to be shared,

I shall be the action,
I have reactions none left to give,
For I shall not give in to the tyranny of the weak,

I go breaking free from The Bend,
I go hurtling out into the galaxy,
For I Am That I Am,

I am what my choices make mi,
I am what choices I make again and again,
For that is the definition of character,

I never wasted my life,
I finally have tied my laces,
For am never going back again…


K. K.


Life of nothing,
Life lived,
Life A wasted left, Nothing.

Thought and thought left nothing,
Thoughts… Oh… they burned,
Thinking too twisted to think, Nothing.

Memories of a distant life lived for nothing,
Memories Of love shared,
Memories that mean, Nothing.

Dreams that meant nothing,
Dreaming of sleep I wished,
Dreams of dreams, Nothing.

Nothing around nothing,
Nothing travelled,
Nothings comes around, Nothing.


K. K.

Headed somewhere…

Through their and the souls of others,
After a lifetime of searching,
Searching at the world about them,
Trying to feel the yet unfelt.

An emptiness beyond comprehension they find,
Blaming it on the lack of their gifts,
Their thoughts they blame,
A planet full of beings.

Oh the horror,
The fear in their soul,
Oh soul can they tell the untold,
Without the consent it was bought and so it was sold.

The hour grows late,
The darkness grows,
Grows in them it’s cold,
Fear it makes to them.

The angel beside,
Talks of faith,
Of rebirths she talks,
As the guardian of death amongst them stalks.

Into the mirror they stare,
Mirror mirror on the wall,
The one who saw them crawl,
Where do they stand and what was that all ?

What am I ?
Whatever you think,
Where do we go ?
Wherever you want,
There is no right,
There is no wrong.

The rains I feel,
The light shines bright,
The wells swell up,
The soul reclaimed,
Off they go, fearless,
Headed Somewhere…

~ K. K.

Does it make sense?

An impossible dream,
Like the Gods above there,
We lie in clouds around the ruins,

Few are the needs,
Searching of here and then,
Now chokes and dies a dragons breath,

Feeling mi,
Dieing in my arms,
Dragging the past outside,
The headless rider reaps the dead,

The seven sins,
Been committed,
Searching the eighth,
Searching for the Last Command,

A heartache,
Will set us free,
Running for the light,
Searching for the masterplan,

Drops of rain,
Searches the wraith,
A motorcycle drive by,
Quenched of the human nature,

Makes no sense,
Blind is the rage,
Like the beast in the cage,
It’s time do the dance of the wolves,

Much to do,
Whatever it takes,
Who cares what breaks,
The damn disease of the collective,

It rains and it rains a little more,
We walk and we walk a little more,

A full circle comes the cuckoo,
The one that flew over the nest…

~ K. K..
P.S. Of course it does.

My eyes are burning

I wake up from a dream,
My eyes are burning,
Going in circles around the bend,
Can’t seem to find the end,

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Making love to my miseries,
The mind’s mysteries,

Don’t know who to trust,
What hurts more,
When I feel the pain,
Maybe it’s the lack of gain,

Back to the start,
And I know no more,
I don’t want to think,
It just rises and overcomes the brink,

What is a lie,
That I have no wings,
Or that I cannot fly.

~ K. K..