The Wise, The Intelligent and The Teacher

If you are born wise and intelligent then life is a gift that you will not waste. If you are born unwise and unintelligent then life is a boon that you cannot possibly waste. But, if you are born intelligent and are unwise, then, Life extracts its toll in blood, sweat and tears, for She is a patient teacher. She never gives up on her students and She never skips a lesson.

Spot On

A leopard cannot change its spots. It does not matter how much someone else wishes or the leopard itself hopes that it could.


Life does not care for neatness, all questions do not have answers, the outcomes to your toil are uncertain and needless to say that thing about the past being past. But don’t despair just yet, remember, after you have finished the dinner, the most important thing to do is the dishes.


The process and circumstances that lead to a person falling for an illusion could be the same as the process and circumstances that lead to disillusionment for another. It is more often than not, just a matter of perception.