Give & Take

There were days I thought I couldn’t take no more.
There were days I thought I couldn’t give no more.

Then it dawned upon mi, it was not about give and take.
it was the inability to share…

Realizations & Guarentees

I am now going to take a short detour from the chronology of events that unfolded last weekend and later you will perhaps realize why or you may not.

I give no guarantees anymore, because, realizations are profoundly personal experiences that happen only sometimes and guarantees are something that life has a personal grudge against, they never last.

I once wondered why it is that guarantees don’t last? I think (I have an opinion about almost everything because eerily, it really does spook mi out, I seemed to have applied thought to a very vast range of subjects) guarantees never last because life is a lover of change and challenges. Those who are adaptive enough survive and flourish. Those who don’t adapt become “the could have not”, “the could have been”, “the have been”, sometimes “the never were” and so on. In short, they become extinct.