Life of nothing,
Life lived,
Life A wasted left, Nothing.

Thought and thought left nothing,
Thoughts… Oh… they burned,
Thinking too twisted to think, Nothing.

Memories of a distant life lived for nothing,
Memories Of love shared,
Memories that mean, Nothing.

Dreams that meant nothing,
Dreaming of sleep I wished,
Dreams of dreams, Nothing.

Nothing around nothing,
Nothing travelled,
Nothings comes around, Nothing.



The Bloodbath Of Beliefs

The last six months of my life have been the culmination of another cycle of thought and perhaps another stage in my life has passed. The stakes have risen to a new level and my search has entered a totally different dimension. It is time for action.

I have always shared my deepest beliefs and thoughts with anyone close enough and especially those with an open enough mind. For I have always strongly held that a thought which is not thoroughly examined is not worth accepting and what better way of analysis than throwing it around at people. People, because people possess the power to give different perspectives, because people can lead thoughts into uncharted territories, because people can breathe life into thoughts.

I would also like to go ahead on a limb and say that if people stop thinking then they are no longer human beings. By thinking I mean questioning with an open mind and equally importantly looking for answers with an open mind.

Over the past few years I have found myself questioning the basic assumptions of our current human civilization, from our accepted stands on quality of life, progress, continuous growth of economies, to my all time favorite, “why am I here?”

For years I have come tantalizingly close to the truth which led to the conclusion that something is drastically wrong with the human experience. Perhaps, I found it so hard to believe that I have looked the other way and avoided taking the final step. To be honest, in the last few years I have been reluctant to pursue these fruitless endeavors, for I have had a relative time of peace and prosperity but the human being in mi, perhaps got the better of mi and for that, I thank it.

So it came to pass… on a dark night sitting on my roof after an umpteenth number of cups of coffee. I said to Kunal, “There is something wrong with this ERP, isn’t it supposed to make life easier for all of us?” We were discussing an ERP solution for someone being made by someone else. Well I would not have been so obtuse if I could just name the two parties involved but neither of them was Moving Stones Technologies.

Perhaps introductions are in order here… I am mi (no it is not a nick name, more on mi later). Kunal is my dear friend and partner in crimes against the principle of life… read business partner (principle of life is where the search ended, more on the principle of life later). Moving Stones Technologies is our company, we started it, there were more of us in The Cult of The Stonemovers, but that would be a story in itself.

Kunal went something like, “What do you mean by that?” To which I said, “Making these complex ERP systems is a time consuming thankless job and more often than not you just end up raising the level of complexity. Which basically makes everyone’s life that much more difficult the vendor, the client, the implementation team, the end users and the customers. Don’t you think that life becomes that much more complex for everyone? In effect we make things that much more complicated and claim that progress has been made.” Kunal agreed and I pushed it further, “Why would people make things more complicated than they already are?”

I could hear the whirring of wheels and the tension could be cut with a knife. Just kidding…

He responded after pause, “Because they can.” Well, now after spending a considerable amount of thought, it seems that the same answer applies to a lot of things that we see in the world today and most of them don’t make sense.

I persisted…

Kunal is generally enthusiastic about discussions but on that fateful night he was not, the discussion had started on a point, I for the love of my life cannot recollect. The discussion had dragged on and as if suddenly out of nowhere stood this impasse. Fate was acting out its course of action, I could claim, but that is one of the questions that is yet unresolved, “Is there something called fate?”

I persisted, “Every time we as human beings are cornered by a problem we raise the level of complexity and seemingly solve the problem, but after a while we have to come up with a better and more complex solution to solve the complexity of the already solved problem. Why? And dude… if this continues, there might come a point when we will not be able to solve it. What say?”

“Why don’t you Google this and find out what other people think about this?” said Kunal.

Perfectly reasonable I thought. People all over the Internet write about what they think and it had never before occurred to mi to check such a thing online. I claim myself to be Internet savvy, of course nothing compares to old school mano a mano; and I thought why had this not occurred to mi before? Anyways Kunal did not seem to be in too much of a mood to continue. So we called it a morning, for the dawn was breaking and went off to sleep.

In retrospect, that night, as on other occasions in my life, it appeared that fate was in action and some action it was. What followed in the days to come was a bloodbath of beliefs.

Here today I stand humbled and humiliated forced to confess to you of a tale of us human beings. An orgy of excesses…