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Why Am I Here?

After much pondering I have come to conclude that the question that I am looking for an answer to is not “who am I?” but a “why am I here?”

In my mind the answer to why am I here is what would lead to a series of actions which would in turn define who I am. Let mi try to explain how I arrived at this revelation.

At first I tried to find an answer to “who am I”. I know it is a little clichéd but Spiderman said Spiderman and Capt. jack Sparrow said Capt. Jack Sparrow.

But should then I attempt to ask “who is Spiderman?” the answer would be an idea. To be more descriptive a person / character that represents an idea through certain actions and activities which the person / character carries out based on certain beliefs and values.

The answer to who am I, in my opinion is, I am that I am. I am that idea of mi that is based on what I do and what I believe in. Which if you are motivated strongly enough would be the same, otherwise, I am sorry to say you would soon be in need of therapy.

The beauty of it is that the answers given to the questions, what I believe in and what I do as per those beliefs are different for everyone and it is not possible to have the same answer to this question for two people.

At the same time there lies an irony in this phenomenon, all people want and in ways need that there be a thread of similarity in what we believe in and what we do on the basis of those beliefs. Otherwise it would simply be impossible to maintain a civil society.

In due the due course of time there will be corrections in your chosen trajectory as you pass through the mêlée of life. I also suspect in the end one will realize that it was never really a mêlée more like a void that appeared like a mêlée because of ones own confusion.

I see that I am rambling again. So coming back to my point. The question that needs to be asked is what am I to do with the time that I have? And why do I think that such and such is what I should really be doing?

Why am I here?

Short n' Sour


Some said that, man is a rational animal and some said that nay, a social one it is… but I have come to agree with a third group, which claims that man is a rationalizing animal… we can rationalize anything…