My eyes are burning

I wake up from a dream,
My eyes are burning,
Going in circles around the bend,
Can’t seem to find the end,

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Making love to my miseries,
The mind’s mysteries,

Don’t know who to trust,
What hurts more,
When I feel the pain,
Maybe it’s the lack of gain,

Back to the start,
And I know no more,
I don’t want to think,
It just rises and overcomes the brink,

What is a lie,
That I have no wings,
Or that I cannot fly.

~ K. K..

And inspiration runs dry…

Spirits left in the open,
Shooting into the deep blue sky,
Hoping to keep the faith,
How do I try,

The moon I miss,
Headed for the stars I fly,
How do I stop going in circles,
As time flies by,

Hope no longer holds my hand,
And inspiration runs dry.

Oh Unbound…
If I just Lay Here,
Would you lie with mi,
And just forget the world…

~ K. K.