Short n' Sour

Inside – Outside

What is outside is harder to change than what is inside.

~ Brida, Paulo Coelho

At first thought it appears counter intuitive; one would think that it is inside where the real problem lies. But on subsequent reflection there is an aaha!

Short n' Sour

Another time

There is always a first time they say. What they forget to inform is that, there is always another time…


Headed somewhere…

Through their and the souls of others,
After a lifetime of searching,
Searching at the world about them,
Trying to feel the yet unfelt.

An emptiness beyond comprehension they find,
Blaming it on the lack of their gifts,
Their thoughts they blame,
A planet full of beings.

Oh the horror,
The fear in their soul,
Oh soul can they tell the untold,
Without the consent it was bought and so it was sold.

The hour grows late,
The darkness grows,
Grows in them it’s cold,
Fear it makes to them.

The angel beside,
Talks of faith,
Of rebirths she talks,
As the guardian of death amongst them stalks.

Into the mirror they stare,
Mirror mirror on the wall,
The one who saw them crawl,
Where do they stand and what was that all ?

What am I ?
Whatever you think,
Where do we go ?
Wherever you want,
There is no right,
There is no wrong.

The rains I feel,
The light shines bright,
The wells swell up,
The soul reclaimed,
Off they go, fearless,
Headed Somewhere…


Short n' Sour


Why do you press on the remote control harder when you know that the battery is dead?

P.S. This quote was picked up from behind a matchbox, just goes to show that with an open enough mind, people can learn from anywhere. Also, there are far too many sources of learning than we perceive.